Segers Group owns and operates aviation aftermarket companies to support operators around the world.  The company has a global presence with business units on four continents.

Major divisions include Segers Aero Corp, a Rolls-Royce and Lockheed Martin approved MRO in the United States supporting C-130 engines, QECs and propellers.

Additionally, Proptech Aero Ltd in the UK is a propeller MRO in working with customers of all types from regional airlines with composite propellers to government users and the general aviation community.

Segers Aviation SA in Dubai is a Hartzell Propeller approved facility and a major logistics and warehousing facility for Segers and third party customers.

For more information please view our separate websites to contact your local Segers division directly.  To contact Segers Group in Dubai, please write to the address below:

Segers Aviation SA Segers Aero Corp Proptech Aero Ltd Segers Aero Pte Ltd
PO Box 712023 8100 McGowin Drive Spitfire Way 30/F Singapore Land Tower
Office 23, Freight Complex 6 Fairhope, AL Solent Airport 50 Raffles Place
Dubai Logistics City, DWC 36532 Hampshire PO13 9FY 048623
United Arab Emirates United States of America United Kingdom Singapore
T: +971 4 885 8203 T: +1 251 928 1878 T: +44 23 9265 7770 T: +65 6824 8214
F: +971 4 8879611 F: +1 251 929 2655 F: +44 23 9265 7771 F: +65 6824 8334